From humble beginnings in egg production in the 1950′s, the company has steadily expanded to include a broad range of
high-tech operations that support the primary business.

  • Poultry Production

    DA Hall & Co cares for laying hens and operates a group of poultry farms in Australia. DA Hall & Co produces caged, cage free, free range and organic eggs. Our poultry operation accreditation covers a wide scope of compliance, including Australian Certified Organic, HACCP, Safe Food Queensland and ESA (Egg Standards Australia).

    All our Farms are independently audited and accredited evidencing our commitment to the supply of high quality products, industry compliance and sustainability.

    There are additional services provided to support the management of each farm. This includes veterinary, nutritional and technical advice.

    Caged Operations

    Our Company operates a modern ‘state of the art’ caged layer facility near Millmerran, Queensland. Each shed is computer controlled to ensure optimum conditions for the livestock. We pride ourselves on delivering best practice in animal welfare to meet all compliance requirements of the latest Model Codes of Practice.

    Cage Free Operations

    DA Hall & Co launched Cage Free eggs over 9 years ago, requiring a new generation of shed management and shed technologies. Our fresh cage free eggs are laid by hens that are free to roam inside large barns with access to perching and nesting boxes for egg production.

    Free Range Operations

    DA Hall & Co continue to significantly invest in our Free Range Farms to ensure we provide industry leading animal welfare including optimal ranging conditions.

    Organic Free Range Operations

    DA Hall & Co Organic Farms are certified by ACO (Australian Certified Organic), the largest Independent Organic Certification body in Australia.

    Our Organic Free Range eggs are laid by hens fed a diet of certified organic feed, with access to a maximum outdoor stocking density of 1,500 hens per hectare.  We are proud to produce delicious organic eggs.

  • Grading Floor

    Operating 7 days per week, 365 days per year, the Grading Floor is at the interface between Sales and Production.

    At the centre of DA Hall & Co’s Grading Floor is our state-of-the-art egg grader which incorporates the latest industry leading technology to optimise egg grading speed, quality control, product traceability, robotic integration, product printing and packaging.

    Refrigerated trucks deliver fresh eggs from our egg farms to the Grading Floor where each egg is mechanically weighed and sorted into various sizes, extensively tested for various quality parameters, printed with a unique identification code, packed and then transported under temperature control to their final destination.

  • Feedmill

    The Feedmill supplies the company’s total poultry feed requirements via its own fleet of trucks. Constructed in 1983, the Feedmill has undergone considerable investment to expand its weekly output from just 200 tonnes to now in excess of 1500 tonnes per week.

    Control over feed manufacturing is critical to both quality assurance and cost effectiveness of the company’s entire operation. Accordingly, DA Hall & Co continues to innovate it’s feed manufacturing processes including the application of the latest NIR (Near Infra Red) technologies. The NIR spectroscopic solution uses advanced technology to accurately analyse the composition of raw materials and finished product.  With access to real time data, our Feedmill has rapid response capabilities to adjust feed suitability to best meet production requirements.

  • Farming & Agriculture

    The company owns multiple rural properties within 45 kilometres of Millmerran. This land is used for broad acre dry land crop production, irrigated crop production and is the location of the various intensive animal production units and the Feedmill.

    The main crops produced by our farmers are sorghum, wheat and barley. These cereal grains are harvested and transported to DA Hall & Co’s Feedmill forming an integral part of our end-to-end supply chain. In a response to market growth and changing consumer preferences, our Farming Division has recently expanded to include organic cropping to meet the growing demands of the Organic Poultry Division. Our farmers strive to produce commodities of the highest standard to ensure the very best nutrition for our happy hens.

    Olive plantation

    Yallamundi (formerly known as Australian Olives) is the latest addition to the DA Hall & Co farming division. With over 2,500ha of land and plenty of water, it offers us the opportunity to create a significant mixed farming operation with established olive groves, potential grain cropping and future free range egg production.

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