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DA Hall & Co is a privately owned agribusiness
supplying high-quality, consumer-driven products in a safe and harmonious work environment.

With more than 200 employees and considerable expertise in running intensive livestock and cropping operations, we are always seeking new markets, new technologies and new business propositions.

Existing business practices are continuously refined and improved to add value in all areas of production and marketing.

Efficient economies of scale – combined with high-quality products across all consumer categories in the market place – ensure that we will continue to expand in the primary industry sector.

Our History

DA Hall & Co was established in 1958 when founder Doug Hall entered commercial egg production.

From humble beginnings, DA Hall & Co has become a large and successful integrated rural enterprise. The company has steadily expanded over the years to include intensive pig production, egg production, stockfeed milling and cereal crop production.

About our founder

The founder of the business, Doug Hall, was born in Fiji and with his mother (Hally) came to live in Australia when he was 2 years of age. Hally found work as a housekeeper in rural Australia and during Doug’s early years they moved numerous times until they eventually settled in the Millmerran district in the late 1930s.

Doug began his poultry business in 1958 with just 200 chooks. Over the next 50 years the business grew and diversified into piggeries, grain production and feed milling. Doug’s ambition, business acumen and drive were integral in creating this enterprise. In 1979 Doug’s son, Simon Hall, joined the business and worked alongside Doug for nearly 30 years. From the strong base that Doug built, Simon continued to expand his father’s operations and grow the business into what it is today.

DA Hall & Co operates a group of poultry farms in Australia

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